With Godzilla Phones, we have the best return policies to keep our customers safe when purchasing each device. Our return period is 14 days with a 30-day extension for various software or superficial problems.

Return process

Know the return process thoroughly and verify following the rules as is to have a refund or re-establishment of the device:

  1. You must verify that your device or devices purchased at GodzillaPhone are in the same purchase conditions.

  2. You must enter our website to obtain the preset number for the return of the device.

  3. You must save all your data saved in the mobile with the backup, after that you must reset the device. To restore the mobile software, you must go to the settings and select "return to manufacturer's value."

Something very important

Before you contact Godzilla Phones, you must release all locks on security. Your return process may be interrupted if your device is not unlocked.

  1. You must complete the return form before sending the device back to the company. You must put the information well to avoid delay for the return.

  2. You must carefully package the device, including the accessories with what came after purchase. You must send the package to an address that Godzilla Phones will send you by email.

  3. You must send the phone with a parcel service that offers to track your package and all possible guarantees. You must know that the device is your property until the package reaches the company.