The company Godzilla phones have quite strict refund policies; however, currently in the market, it is one of the best refund systems.

We work all year round to carry out every one of the reimbursements without any inconvenience. We work on the same day that a refund is notified, and we try to solve the same day that it is made, except at Christmas and periods of high traffic, the process can take up to 48 hours.

Requirements for a refund include:

  • Have removed the sim card from the computer
  • Memories SD
  • Any other peripherals the phone may have.

Godzilla Phones Company does not offer warranty services for the loss of memory of the equipment. It is highly recommended to make a backup copy of the device's memory before sending it to Godzilla phones, as it is not responsible for losing valuable information.

Godzilla phones, before making a refund, send the equipment to the engineers, and they are in charge of doing the rigorous expertise of the equipment, thus identifying if the phone is eligible for a refund. We also inform you that if your phone has a security system, we need it unlocked, to be able to review it, since the unlocking fee is additional, and in few cases, it is feasible remotely.

When requesting a refund with Godzilla phones, you must bear in mind that, if you have not followed the proper instructions and a problem with the refund, you have 30 days to claim it. In case this does not happen, the company may have it.