Company Details

Atlantic Vape Limited Trading as Godzilla Phones Company number 10038198 sells refurbished iPhones at greatly reduced prices & New iPhone Cases. We have at your disposal the phones with the highest demand in the market brought from the best manufacturers. We have current and old models according to your tastes in technology; all devices have a low cost so that you can acquire it immediately.

In case we do not have the phone model you want, it would not be a bad idea to contact us for a future purchase. We have a very good customer service where you will solve all your doubts and raise requests for the future.

All the devices are second-use, but they have a very good certification with which you will know that you have a team with guarantees. All device software is re-established; the equipment is professionally cleaned to make it brand new. We have a free stamp system on each device, so you gain unmatched security after purchasing.

Godzilla Phones has a very good return time in which you will have more than 14 days to test the entire mobile. The time to return the device that did not have good power of conviction can be extended to 30 business days for your safety. You must program the causes of return for problems in the restructured software or its presentation as such.

We have all the unlocked or locked models that are attached to the Apple line with its famous IPhone. Our IPhone devices are completely unlocked, so you don't have problems using it with any operator. With this unlocking at Apple, you will have no problems updating the latest IOS that supports the iPhone model you purchased.

With Godzilla Phones, you will not be surprised by your devices because we have a qualified team. All of our employees have been in the tech industry for a long time, and they confirm this by giving you a range of very good mobiles. You will experience a lot of security and feel that you are in the right place to buy a very functional second-hand mobile device.

Each device is previously tested by our experts, increasing that quality by 100% after purchase. Phones are subjected to many explicit tests to verify that the software works properly. In Godzilla Phones, we have unlocked phones, completely clean, and optimal for use from now on.

Each device was updated according to the conditions we have; they have not been opened and are packed in their original box. We have a certification in + A with mobile phones unlocked, tested, and verified in their operation. The phones seem new; they have the best conditions for their 100% optimal renewal, buy them.