Refurbished iPhone SE

The first iPhone SE was released in 2016 as a new evolution of the iPhone 5s but with the specifications of the 6s. It features the smallest 4-inch screen ever of all Apple products. It is an electronic device that is maintained over time thanks to a unique design, compact, slim, comfortable to handle, and very light.

In Godzilla Phones, you can find the iPhone SE with an automated refurbishment that preserves and improves the entire structure of the mobile. They are available with 16GB, 32GB to 64GB storage, and a fine-condition grade in silver or rose gold. They are offered in a practically original category, with internal improvements to the software and its batteries.

Refurbished iPhones particularities are highly supported by people worldwide, representing thousands of sales per day. It is a phone that has been on the market for years, but thanks to media such as Godzilla Phones, its popularity is maintained. Strength and versatility are guaranteed when deciding on a cheap/functional item.

Acceptable specs by iPhone SE

The reconditioning of smartphones does not affect the internal components they have. Rather it can improve them. The iPhone SE has a resolution of 1136 x 640 at 326ppi, a 12MP rear camera with 4K recording at 30FPS or 1080 / 60FPS. The front camera is somewhat outdated for the time with 1.2MP, but its 2GB of RAM is feasible.

The 5s has great power in its processor with the A9 (64-bit) and M9 that allow the Siri function. One very accessible and that adequately fulfills its function compared to current processors and iOS 9.3 software. It can take Live Photos, slow motion, time-lapse with stabilization, panorama, FaceTime HD, and burst mode.

The screen is of the Retina Multi-Touch HD type with Touch ID system for maximum results in finger touch without errors. The robustness of the architecture is also reinforced with scratch-resistant layers and an oleophobic cover for anti-fingerprints. The iPhone itself is a good alternative in the current era: it doesn't have the best specs, but convenient.

The iPhone SE at a dream price

Godzilla Phones has a huge catalog of refurbished iPhone SE of different models that go through methodical quality assurance tests. If you are not satisfied with the performance, there is a return and refund option, so you do not lose money. Qualified and highly committed people carry out the work or maintenance of each mobile.

The dream price it houses is one of Apple's cheapest, but Godzilla Phones makes it even more accessible for just € 100. As is well known, it has motion and sensitivity sensors that characterize all iPhones, coupled with a beautiful, elegant, and simple design. These factors make the product attractive, and that many consider it in the market.

The purchase of the iPhone SE comes integrated with accessories of great value, such as a hearing aid, the respective charger, and a cover that you can complement in the same Godzilla Phones. The 1624 mAh battery (which is not removable) is improved in performance, expanding on some occasions, a longer duration than was originally established.