Refurbished iPhone 7

The long history of Godzilla Phones in the commercial field of mobile devices characterizes it by process of great reliability. The catalog of refurbished iPhones is usually limited, but they have an extensive list of old and modern devices in this company. Its mode of the sale in all its articles is made at prices accessible to all.

The method of verifying the correct operation of each phone is worked by experts who increase the quality of these iPhones to 100%. The models offered are very well accepted by society and various electronic analysts. They are safe and accessible devices in South Africa, India, Finland, or anywhere globally.

The person's acceptance grows every day with exemplary descriptions of the best service, sale, and experience. For this reason, Godzilla Phones brings the iPhone 7 to its catalog, a phone that will undoubtedly be well received by users, both for price and aesthetics. It was introduced alongside the iPhone SE in September 2016 as a new iPhone 6 and its variants.

What does the iPhone 7 offer?

The iPhone 7 comes with a new A10 Fusion processor and iOS 10.0.2, which acquires 40% more performance than the A9. It has four cores (two for high power and the other two for low intensity) and an M10 coprocessor. The specifications provide superb fluidity in screen transitions, with a resolution of 1334x750 pixels at 326 PPI.

It is the first model of all iPhones to integrate such a high IP67 rating, representing resistance to splashes, water, and dust. It is a pretty good quality despite being the first device with such a particularity. The camera benefited from a 12MP capacity for the rear, 4K videos at 30 FPS, and a front one with 8MP.

The realism of the images has also been improved to a point never seen before since there is greater control of the lights and a greater amount of vividness in the colors. In addition, other sensors have been applied in light, power, or image stabilization configurations. The battery was repowered with an extension of up to 2 hours, unlike the iPhone 6s.

The new tone is never seen.

Godzilla Phones showcases all the colors available on the iPhone 7: black, gold, silver, rose gold, and red or (PRODUCT) RED. However, it comes in a more unusual and exclusive presentation using jet black. Each of the finishes is elegant, modern, and, especially the last-named, has a more striking visual impact.

The storage of the iPhone 7 is achieved in 32GB or 128GB with 2 GB of RAM and accessories. There is nothing else to highlight about these models within everything else since they have retained the same style as their predecessors. If changes are made to the design, they are minimal and noticeable if not observed with a magnifying glass.

The iPhone 7 is refurbished by Godzilla Phones, just like other Refurbished iPhones. It is a process that many dislikes for being assimilated to stores that offer bad and damaged products. That is a contradiction for Godzilla Phones because if the devices available do not have the perfect functionality, they are not offered for sale.